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Poked my head out the window to a lovely clear night so out I pop and get everything setup and ready just as a load of cloud rolls in to spoil things. :)

Still though Im still sat here in the cold typing away hoping that a break will come soon and I can try again!!

Wish my luck :(

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good luck, hope it is worth you hanging on in there as tonight:

(a) there is no full moon

(:) there is no hurricane

© the usual massive ribbon of cloud stretching towards Europe that happens to be the same width as the length of the UK, and no matter what angle it goes at it always goes over the UK, seems to have take a breather

good luck everyone!

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Good luck! Same here. Although, I stuck my head out the door about 10 minutes ago and it's cleared. Scope cooling.... fingers crossed it's still clear in about half an hour when I venture back outside.

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Have you ever noticed that if you look in the distance say a few miles away you can see that there must be beautiful clear skies there but it's just cloudy over you! And how the cloud seems to pile up just over what you want to look at. You know "oh theres a gap coming maybe..." then the gap disappears before it gets to your object... and it was so wonderfully clear at 5pm :)


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