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First Stacked AVI Image


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Hi, here's a picture I took yesterday with a normal a-focal camera to eyepiece snapshot


and here's an image made in Registax from an AVI I shot.


That's Ganymede underneath it by the way.

Worth noting that the codec my camera shoots in isn't compatible with Registax so I had to convert it with Blender 3D's Video Editor to an uncompressed, 1.2GB AVI. Meh, the results are worth it!

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Excellent first results, especially as Jupiter is now well past its best.

Looking forward to seeing your Saturn shots ...

Got up at 0600 today (that alone is amazing for me!) and imaged Saturn and Venus, both with the process I used last night.




I read somewhere that I can get rid of that red and blue edge effect on Venus somewhere in Registax, I'll hunt through the settings tonight...

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