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Focussing with a Nikon D40

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Hi all,

Complete Noobie here, just bought a Skywatcher 200 EQ5 and am getting into the astronomy, had a couple of clear nights and already seen Jupiter and all its main moons and been looking at Orion Nebula tonight, getting a bit hooked.

However I plan eventually to take photos of different sky bits an bobs so thought as I was looking at jupiter nice and clear I'd pop on my camera and have a play, got a T piece and fixed it on with a 25mm eyepiece as per instructions, but I can't wind the focusser in enough to focus, so I thought I'd ad the spacer I had and wind out the focusser but now it won't wind out enough, in both cases it only just won't focus, i'm sure someone has solved this so I'm asking for any advice, can I get different spacers or is it far more complicated?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Dogconker :)

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If your skywatcher is the same as my Celestron then you should be able to unscrew the eyepiece holder on the focusser and screw the t-ring directly on to the focusser assembly. This should give enough back focus to bring the camera to focus. I leave the t-ring attached and then screw the EP holder back on... works a treat for me.

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