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I have noticed several times when I have been composing or replying to a post that when I came to preview or submit, the forum has timed me out. I have had to retype things once or twice now and if I am typing a longish post I have taken to copying my text before I do either.

Is this the best thing to do or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry I probably should have posted this under the Feedback section.

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Dunno if its the best thing to do but I certainly do the old ctrl+a ctrl+c before submitting a long post :)

I think they have set the timeout a little bit low on this forum but nm. Usually I can get the post back again though without needing to paste it, what browser are you using?

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When you log in, you need to check the "Remember Me" box next to the login name. It should not time you out then.

I don't know why this is to be honest but it does work :)

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