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I've broken it... :(


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It's a classic 'just one more thing before I stop mistake'.....

I've just managed to successfully finish tuning the gear meshing on my NEQ6 and after having run the motors in complete cycles and checked there is no binding or motor stalling I thought I'd judt give the bolts a final tighten..... :)

The worm carrier bolts are all fine, but then I decided to tighten the clutch lever screws...and for some reason fiddled with the torque setting on the electric driver and have sheared the head of the dec clutch screw. :confused:

Not a complete disaster. I did once shear a bolt when replacing the thermostat on my old metro...new cylinder head...oops!

Anyway, not going to fiddle any more tonight, I have some screw removers, but I think they are too big to fit.

Anyone know if OVL carry spares? I could then just replace the clutch assembly. :(

oh well....patience Michael....patience!


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Just thought I'd update anyone that might be interested....;)

I finally got around to emailing OVL on Thursday afternoon about the sheared screw in the DEC clutch assembly. They said that they had a part and I posted them a cheque for £5.

Just had our Saturday post and the replacement clutch assembly has arrived...now that's pretty good service.


So don't forget to drop OVL a quick email if you need to source any spares for your Synta/Skywatcher mounts & Scopes.


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