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I have recently purchased the celestronc9.25 and cant wait to use it. I am just waiting my delivery of dew controls and some clear nights.

I have upgraded the finder with the celestron 50mm finderscope and brackets, and i have managed to get a new revelation crayford focuser from a fellow amateur astronomer.

Next step

GUIDING !!! completely new to me

I am thinking of purchasing the ADM MINI DOVETAIL SYSTEM with the 125mm rings and use my existing Skywatcher ED80 for guiding and using PHD and QHY5 camera.

Several questions:

1. There does not seem a great deal of room near the finderscope bracket to attach the ADM mini rail. Is it certain to fit on the scope next to the finder brackets

2.Am i better to use my existing SkywatcherED80 or buying the lighter weighted Star Travel ST80. My reason being that would the lighter scope be better as the balance/flexure would be better for astrophotography

3. Or would i be better to forget all the above and go for an off axis guider.


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Hi again,

I used the ed80 for deep sky imaging but found it poor for planetary work, thats one of the reasons i purchased the celestron c9.25.

However i do want to do deep sky imaging with the celestron. Galaxies particularly.

My celestron is capable of fastar, which might be considered later when i see how others have coped with this. Looks as though it would be spectacular for photography f2, thats lightning fast!!!

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HI Merlin,

Does the minirail and guidescope fit on though with the upgraded celestron50mm finderscope and bracket, not the standard 9 x 30mm supplied with the c9.25

On the front of the corrector plate it does say FASTAR compatible, so i am presuming it must be. I cant seem to find much feedback on that though in forums.


Are two counterweights enough for your setup. I have the same as you NEQ6 and c9.25.

I cant work out as well whether to go for the off axis guider ( recommended a lot for sct`s even though a bit more difficult finding stars to guide on ), or a guidescope but you keep reading problems could arise because of flexure between the two scopes. I am just concerned that if i went the piggyback route, the ED80 would give more flexure, than the STAR TRAVEL.

If anyone has the combination NEQ6, celestronc9.25 and Skywatcher ED80. I would be interested to know what they think as well


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Yes the minirail fits alongside a larger finder.

I need three c/w for my set-up.

I'd try the ST80 type guiding first....if you're unhappy you can always get a s/h OAG for around 60gbp.

I'm pleased to hear you have a HD (Fastar version!) there was a lot of discussion on the C9.25 group about getting Fastar option on the older standard C9.25 - bottom line - you can't!

(Not sure that there are any/ many reducers available yet for the HD scopes...)

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