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I S binoculars


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Mick is specifically asking about IS (Image Stablised) binos, whcih the Bressers are not.

I have a set of the 10x50 Canon IS... they are a bit heavier than a normal set of 10x50, but everyone without fail who has tried them has pressed the IS button and muttered "ooo...OOOOOOO!!!" under their breath.

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I got some 23x36 IS bins, great for daytime, birding etc... the IS holds the view so steady you can pick up tiny details with no trouble. Bit small for night time use, though the stars are held nice and steady.


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Hi Mick

I've got a pair of canon15x50is and love them. They are a little heavy maybe but the stabilisation works very well. It damps out all the high frequency wobbles and lets you see much more detail. The image can tend to swim around a little, particularly if looking up towards the zenith but it's much better than non stabilised. They are great for just popping out for a quick look if you can't face taking the scope out or taking to a dark site. In fact the only time I've seen m33 has been with my bins. I'm a fan, as you can tell.


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Hi Mike

Did you ever get the Canon IS ?

I have read that they are great just would like some conformation how good they are



Hi Doug I am still researching and very tempted,being a newbee they will have other uses rather than a dedicated tripod setup

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I had a pair of the 15x50ISs for about a year but regrettably had to sell them to raise some cash. That will rank as one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. They were stunning, and not just at night too - you could see the 'quality of glass' looking at anything. The more recent 10x42s are supposed to be even more exceptional, but they're even more expensive! The smaller versions (eg 8x25) are less convenient as you have to hold the 'IS' button down, whereas the bigger ones have an on/off button.

I found Microglobe to be the cheapest, and I've dealt with them twice with no problems.


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Hi guy

for the 18X50 Microglobe has the edge on price

for the 15x50 Ace optics has the edge but still the best so far unless you know different;)

I was told that they go through batteries rather quickly is this true?

Edited by Doug
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