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Dark site for sale in Salisbury...


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It could be a bargain, but i think it all depend on many factors:

- Condition, size, and luxury of caravan.

- Relationship, and terms and condition of the use of the land.

It could work out very expensive if there is no private contract signed between farmer and buyer/seller.

But if all was good I'd consider it....

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The danger is you could end up buying a £1000 pound caravan and having to find it a new home. Saying that the farmer is friendly doesn't mean very much unless it is evidence contractually in the sale. I would be happy to pay this type of money for patch of land that was just a 100ft square if it meant you had somewhere to go, access to park your car and set your gear up and was remote enough from passing traffic and those 'walking' their dogs.:):D


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As I said, you would need to have a look at the terms and conditions of any current contract, and also if this contract will be carried over to another party. If you decided to sell it would you have the rights to. The other thing is, what is to say the farmer wont let you have a plot of land if you go directly through him. This may meant there could potentially be many people buy plots. How would this stad with the council to, is it legal or will you also need some sort of permission from them?

If all of this was okay, then it could be a good investment.

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