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Yet another telescope post

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Hey all. I hope you don't mind me asking for some help. I'm still a newbie but have been enjoying skywatching with some binoculars and a 44mm refracting telescope (bless). I think it is reasonable to now be thinking about a larger telescope! I've got my History PhD viva on Friday so may feel like I deserve a suitable erudite reward. Here are my thoughts:

My budget would be £200 at a stretch.

Not bothered about GOTO, like the idea of motorised.

Would like a 5" scope at least.

As a standard newbie I am 'interested in imaging' which means I'd quite like to plonk a webcam on the end for modest results.

Would like to be able to see Saturn & Jupiter up close but am aware I might have to save up for more powerful lenses.

There seem to be some nice 130mm Celestron and Sky Watcher ones... is it worth waiting until and can use 'buy and sell' on here or look at UK Astronomy Buy and Sell?


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HI D:Ream and welcome

Have you considered a Celestron 130eq , a 5 inch reflector. I picked one up for £111.00 from Morris photographic on line. This will give you some change as well :)

Dont know if this is up to imaging though, may require a slightly larger budget and larger scope. ( loads of people on here who know everything you need to know about imaging etc. )

You cant use "buy & Sell" until youve been on here for 1 month and accrued 50 posts.

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hey, given your sign in are you Dr Cox testing us out?? :)

If only... should have done astrophysics instead of history (grumble...)

How much do these kinds of scopes sell for on B&S? It may well be worth waiting for just a bit longer as I dearly like a bargain.

Oh, and thanks for the replies!

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Good luck with your viva.

If your budget is £200, you should consider this 6" 150p dob.

Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian

Motorised equatorial mount scope are more expensive, but you can get used 5" scope on a EQ3-2 or EQ5 for around £200, just keep an eye on the used market. There is a 6" achromat on fleabay at the moment.

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