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tmb 9mm planetary eyepiece

mike bacanin

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I have this eyepiece. Owned it since March. For once the hype and reviews don't lie. Stunning eyepiece. Basically have your cake and eat it. Orthoscopic planetary performance with long eyerelief and 60degree AFOV. Tops :)

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The glare applied to early production models, mainly the 6mm. TMB shipped a new ring free of charge to customers who were affected.

So far i've compared it to the following eyepieces:

Celestron 9mm volcano top Ortho

Orion Ultrascopic 10mm

20mm TV Plossl with Ultima 2x barlow

Antares 9mm Ortho

Antares 10mm Elite

Celestron 10mm Plossl

I know Gordon was expecting the barlowed TV to be better but not a chance. Just wish i still had the Radian and Panoptic to compare it against but alas. I'm sure those two would have been better. Although according to the reviews i've seen they are only better by a hares whisker.

For me the deciding factor is the price. £69 is pretty good for an eyepiece that's mentioned in the same breath as TV and Pentax.


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It's not that it outperforms it but more that it matches it and yet provides the benefit of a wide fov and really comfortable viewing. You just feel like you could look through them for hours on end. I loved my Celestron 9mm Ortho, owned it for 16 years, but it wasn't the most comfortable eyepiece to view through.

The TMB's are sharp edge to edge even in an f5 dob, provide excellent contrast and reasonable light throughput. It's probably the light throughput that perhaps lets it down against a simpler design like the Ortho or Plossl.

With their wide fov and edge to edge performance they should make great binoviewer eyepieces. I know Thomas Back designed them with dob owners in mind. So that in a fast undriven scope you can let the object just drift across the field in perfect focus all the way across.


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