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Hello from Oxfordhsire


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Just thought I'd day hi. I got interested in astronomy as a boy (in the 80s), but have never had a telescope until this month. Just before Christmas my little boy (aged four) got interested in astronomy, before the BBC programme in the new year, so to encourage the hobby (and to go back to my own childhood a bit) I ordered a Skywatcher Heritage.

Since it arrived we have only had two clear nights, but have already had good views of the moon and Jupiter (got a moon filter on order!).

Joined this forum to get some friendly advice and to cultivate the hobby, which I can already see is going to grow in enthusiasm (and cost) for both my son and I.

Thanks - Adrian

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Hi Adrian (and son) and welcome to the forum.

This is a good resource for asking questions and for improving on knowledge, especially where kit is concerned because here, you will have the benefit of people's experience which will often solve problems in different ways. However, there is nothing we can do about the weather in case you were thinking about asking that question! :):D:D:D

Clear skies


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....thanks. What I'm really waiting for is a nice clear night when I can find the Andromeda galaxy for Alfie. Only four and he already has a favorite galaxy (andromeda), planet (Jupiter) and nebula (crab).....

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@starship trouper - he was pretty good with looking though it "wow - I can see Jupiter", "I can see the moon really well" etc.

However, once I started to try and find some more difficult objects (Andromeda galaxy in particular) he started running round the garden and peering down the end of the scope.

Also, he's not quite go the hang of closing one eye, so holds his hand over one. And it's quite easy for a little one to nudge the telescope by accident, so lots of patience required.

Don't underestimate how cold they can get too.

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