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OK - so I may just start taking some pics again :) Just before Christmas I acquired a t thread > Nikon adapter and promptly forgot about it (I do that alot). Whilst trying to keep out of the way I decided to drop the Nikon 24-120 zoom on the Artemis and see what happened. Cool - got infinity focus straight away! So then I next dug out the 0.5 reducer thingie and screwed that to the front of the lens as well. Even better - focus point stayed the same!

What's the fuss I hear you ask? Well, I'm getting about the same FOV on the ICX285 chip as I would with an SLR and a 50mm lens. Think about it... :) That's going to mean some serious widefield imaging with no nasty dSLR side effects like amp glow, compression artefacts, etc.

Here's the FOV from the window with the above setup... 50% crop as it was unbinned :lol:

Also one without the reducer.



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