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ORION, 55 hoours.


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Phew, first draft of the monster, having got the last colour panel last night.

Samyang 85 camera lens/Geoptik adapter and Atik 4000s on Tak EM200 mount. Ha in the mono, 6 x 5 hours in 10 min subs. OSC 6 x 4 hours in 10 mn subs. Processing in PixInsight, Photoshop, Registar and Microsoft ICE.

I wasn't trying to go insanely deep cos I wanted it to look like Orion plus a bit, so to speak. I'd appreciate feedback from different screens because these big mosaics are pretty hard to control...

Oh, I added a touch of Horse to M42 from my 30 hour image from last year.




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Jeez Olly, that is amazing.

Comon, give the details panes, FL, etc and an option for the full sized downlad ?

To think, M42 and Running Man or the Flame and HH only just fit into my MN190 F1000 FoV

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Hi Olly,

I downloaded it. Stretch the **** out of it. Pulled it all over the place. Went back to your early panels. Looked again and......... nope. You've hidden the joints very well.

I await your second draft. No rush, tomorrow would be nice :)


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HOLY CR*P Thats beatiful!

I have to say alot of the images you see cover such a small area its hard to relate them to the sky, but that is like a full hand's worth of sky at arms length- it really shows whats there that you can't see with the naked eye!

Thanks so much for posting... (Damn, now I want to do DS imaging- MORE expense!)

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It's gonna be gorgeous Olly. Looks a bit on the red side on my screen, but it might just be all that Ha there. Peter's pow from last week might be a helpful reference for the red balance?

Funnily enough I just rigged an old slr lens to my QHY8, and the FOV you have here is pretty much what I can get on the chip in one go. If the result was anywhere near this good I reckon i'd ditch the scopes alltogether :)

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Beautifully done and, nope, can’t see the joins. Looks great on my screen (Apple 23" flat screen) though I downloaded it and added the standard profile - Adobe rgb - which I think improves it even more. Nice one. Doubt if I’ve had 55 hrs of imaging weather here in a year!

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