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2 clear/transparent nights and some great objects

Mark at Beaufort

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The last two nights at around 10pm have been very clear and transparent. On Sunday night I just took out the 15x70 binos to check on some favourites objects. To check on transparency I looked for M1 and there it was as a faint smudge. Other viewed objects were the double cluster, M36, M37, M38, M42, M78, M41, M35, M81, M82 and finally the Beehive (M44).

Last night looked equally clear and transparent so took out the 10" Dob.

I have been trying to view NGC1788 a reflection nebula in Orion for a few weeks but last night it was very noticeable. Having secured this RN I decide to look for NGC1333 in Perseus which again I had failed to view in the past. Well last night I was able to view nebulosity.

Whilst in Perseus I looked to find the California neb and used a UHC filter on the 26mm Nagler. Well I saw a 'glimmer' of something - whether it was my imagination in wanting to think I had seen it - I don't know. With the UHC still on the Nagler I moved to view the Rosette - what a sight. The cluster (NGC2244) was surrounded by a very clear view of Rosette - in fact the best I have every seen it. With the sky being so good I could not resist viewing M42/M43 in the Nagler - incredible - these UHC filters do make a difference. So whilst in the area looked at NGC2024 but tried and failed to view the Horsehead.

Decided to view other Herschel 400 objects so started in Camelopandalis. Checked out the Kemble's cascade to find the cluster NGC1502 and then the nice PN - NGC1501.

Over to Gemini to view M35 and NGC2158 with the 13mm Ethos and was able get both in the same FOV - fabulous. Slightly down to NGC2129 a nice small open cluster and then a dim open cluster NGC2186.

Clouds started to come over so viewed the Eskimo Neb (NGC2392) as my final object of the night.


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Great report Mark - what a variety of objects !.

I spend 3 hours last night trying to spot Sirius "B" with my 6" refractor - no joy although it was good to practice methods of using an occulting bar :)

I had my 10" newtonian out cooling but by the time I dragged myself away from Sirus the clouds intervened ;)

Glad you had such a productive session though :)

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wow sounds like some folks have been enjoying clear skies.....can you please not hog them all to yourself and send some my way. Just 30mins worth would be nice. It's awful here in Hampshire :)

Great report Mark and glad you made the best of things. Some nice unusual objects too, as well as the old favourites.

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