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If you could be anywhere.....


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If you could choose to be anywhere in the universe (with a special space suit that will let you survive in any conditions xD), where would you choose to be?

For me, I think I would probably choose Titan :) Just imagine the view...! :)

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I think I'd like to be just far enough from and 'above' (whatever that means in space) our galaxy to be able to see it across the whole panorama with my naked eyes.

OK that's a good one!

I think I've changed my mind xD

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I'd also say Maldives but i'd have to go back in time to 2007 when I was led on a lounged at midnight stargazing but having no idea what I was lookin at, maybe that was the moment the astro bug subliminaly bit. .? ;-)

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With a holiday home in the Arizona desert for my dry dark sky holiday retreat.



want to come to Wales mate its always raining ,:)

Mind you we do have some wonderful dark sites:)

one of jupiters moons would be nice

;1663022]Just a place in the country with a dark sky, not asking much. Somewhere in Wales would do nicely.
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I'd go to the flying party from A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

“The longest and most destructive party ever held is now into its fourth generation and still no one shows any signs of leaving. Somebody did once look at his watch, but that was eleven years ago now, and there has been no follow up."


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