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Why have I only JUST started seeing a new sub-forum in the equipment section titled "Buy/Sell section" just above Equipment Help?

Never seen this one before and there are no posts or threads contained within it and no option to start a thread either :)

It also says something about being a member for a month and have 50 posts, the same thing that is said about the for sale section.

Anyone else see what I am talking about?

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You had me going for a minute - I even used my test login to see if it was there or not...

Which it wasn't, so started to panic a little as I couldn't anything wrong... Then realized that my test user didn't have 50 posts :)


Glad you can see it.


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You have only JUST started seeing the section because I've only just set it up.

It is to explain to people(with less than 50 posts) that they cannot get access to the FOR SALE section till they have 50 posts and 1 months membership...

I thought that it might prevent some of the threads asking where the for sale section is.

Did you read the description?



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I have merged both these threads to tidy up the boards.....

HOPEFULLY this may cut out (sorry down) the number of posts from new members who complain they cannot access the buy/sell section.

I like it, it makes sense to me.

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It is frustrating not being able to see the buy/sell post but I can see the logic to prevent commercial sellers taking advantage.

Oh and what a magical place it is...with lollipops and candy canes for all!! Truely without it I would be lost!

"A Skywatcher 190MN went for £200, then on Sunday there was a Atik 314L with Astrodon LRGB+Ha filters that went for £180! Then there was the EQ6 that some one swapped for a gerbil!" Carlseberg don't do "for sale forums", but if they did it would probably be the best for sale forum in the world...


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