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In print again as a signature shot


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I have kept this quiet for nearly 6 months, but I won the poll by forum members of Photography on the Net POTN back in July as best photo under the Astro section.

POTN is a massive forum used by many people dedicated to Canon cameras. Many of you may be members on there who own Canons.

Well every year or so, they take the best pictures from each category and produce a coffee table book as voted for by all members.

This year I came top of the astro section and so get a full sized page signature print as the intro to the astro section.

The image was of the Orion Nebula last year with my 1000D

Link here to all the other signature winners in each category.

Signature Shots V4 - Photography-on-the.net

Hopefully the book will be published within the next few months, and I will have to buy a few copies :)

POTN is where I started to get into photography 2 years ago and is where I saw my 1st astro pictures about 18months ago and decided I could do that ;)

Been so difficult keeping this quiet :)


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i'm a POTN member and know the critics can be merciless at times, so very well done.

Thank you, yes they can and are very hard critics. Some good astro guys in that section that never submitted images, some that did and didn't make the short list.


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