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I've got myself an ETX 80 as a grab & go, as the 12" Rev is a little bulky! To be honest, I don't use the ETX much and therein lies my problem, in the setup.

I invariably forget to go into the menu and select "Astronomical" targets, which rather makes it a nogoto!

Is it normal for the Autostar to default systematically to "Terrestial" and

is there any way of making "Astro" the default?

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i have a etx 80

it defaults to the factory setting-- or to whatever was set by a previous owner.

RESET the hand controller, Do a Calibrate Motors, and then check all the settings like time, date, site, Daylight Savings Time- yes or no, and SCOPE MODEL, and Mounting Alt Az or polar.

Then train the drives -- in alt az mode.

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I've tried reset and re-entered my parameters twice, but it still defaults to "Terrestrial" when I switch off and re-start. All the other parameters I input remain correct. It's only the Target choice that changes.

Any ideas, guys, please?

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Sorry guys, seems like a false alarm.

Assuming initialisation has been done, when the Autostar is switched on, if you go straight into setup, you will find "Target" set to Terrestrial. No need to change.

During the alignment procedure, this will change automatically to "Astronomical". It's a pity that Meade didn't see fit to mention this in the manual.

Apologies for the false alarm, but maybe the time I've wasted on this contraption will help someone else not to waste theirs!

The scope came to me cheap, because the original owner could not get it to goto within 45 degrees! I was starting to think he was right to get rid!

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Ive just bought an ETX 125 and had a night of a spinning scope,

it just didn't want to behave at all,

Turned out it was me not being familiar to the mount,being terrified to press anything in case it blew up and .. (sniff) .. having the planisphere on noon instead of midnight :)

Every Time I switch it on I have to re input the time which is already getting on my wick :)


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The ETX125PE certainly has the CR2032 battery (in the LNT module). I don't know about the other models.

I've had my ETX125PE for several years now and never any problems.

Try posting your query on Mike Weasner's "Mighty ETX" site.

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