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Solar System Animation


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Can anyone suggest a good (but free!) solar system animation program other than the one y Interact-Medical which is a little too 'clunky' for my purposes. I know there are some lice on-line versions but I need one that I can download and use any time.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Steve

There is a Solar System animation program as part of the Planets program that can be downloaded from my club's website. It is very flexible in terms of speed of animation, labels or not.

When you first run the progam it defaults to Jupiter and it's moons but there is a drop down menu with an option for the solar system.

Castle Point Astronomy Club


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Hi Dave, thanks for the link, I have downloaded the ZIP file and it works well. Unfortunately though, the actual on-screen image is not large enough for my purposes - I have been asked to give a talk on astronomy generally and I need an animation that fills the screen.

Looking forward to meeting you all at CPAC in February.

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