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Android astronomy apps

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Hi all :D

Just to say I've made a big update to the list, thanks to the_laughing_crow who had previously started a thread on Android apps.

The 2 threads have now been merged into the 1 list which can be found here:

badgeranduni's Android Astronomy Apps

New additions to the list:

Ulysse Gizmos, Dimmer, Solaris alpha, Moon widget, Deluxe moon, Satellite flybys, Iridium flare forecast, Rain alarm, Sun & Moon ad Adjustable flashlight.

Enjoy :p and thanks for everyones help ;)

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Hi again Ian,

I've just had a very quick search of the forums and found these, hope they help.

stellarium (free) , star walk (£1.79) , skysafari lite (£1.79) and pocket universe (£1.79)




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Thanks for the great apps.I recently got a HTC HD2 running WM6.5 and AmericanAndroid SD.:p

Iwas just thinking if i could use Google SkyMAPS mounted on my scope,then did a quick search on SGL and found this great thread with all the info I need.

Just downloaded Skyeye,will try it out asap.

Big thanks to HRJ:icon_salut::D:icon_salut:

Here is one for the list:


Meteor Shower Calendar

Want to know when the next meteor shower is? This app will display a list of upcoming meteor showers and the approximate date in which they will peak with specific details on each.

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Hi badgeranduni!

You are doing a great service, excavating all these apps. :)

It is possible to create lists on AppBrain and link to them. I have created one and added all the apps mentioned by you.

View the app list on AppBrain

+1 PolarFinder


PolarFinder calculates in real time the Polaris position using GPS and sys date

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I would like to propose another addition to the list: Star Odyssey. It's a star guide with information on over 60 of the brightest stars, and it integrates with SkEye for locating stars.

It's free, and is available here:


(I'm the developer for the app.)


Telescope Flashlight

Find the full app list here:

badgeranduni's Android Astronomy Apps

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