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Android astronomy apps

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I bought an android phone a couple of weeks ago (xperia x10) but I can't use the net (only orangeworld) until my old contract runs out and my sim updates in 2 weeks time, so I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to install apps without going on-line? For example if I downloaded the skeye app to my computer could I then install it on my phone?

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I use Google Skymap on my Galaxy S. works great but its always slightly off. By that I mean when pointing at the moon for example its never accurate. Anyone else have the same problem ?

I'm not sure how accurate it is but to make the best of it, be sure you have set your location accurately, use gps if your phone has it.

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If your phone has wifi, you can use it to access the market via your broadband (assuming you have a wireless router that is...)

I've not got a wireless router but I've already tried using several pubs, the local college and a mcdonald's free wifi and I just get a message telling me my sim won't let me access it, or something along those lines, which I presume is because my old contract didn't have the internet or anything like that.

Perhaps I should just ring orange tomorrow and ask them what is going on.

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Thanks, if I can figure out how to turn my mobile network off I'll try it tomorrow.

If you manage to access internet with WiFi that will be the best case.

But in case you are not able to access WiFi, you can install the downloaded application via USB.

After connecting the phone via USB to your computer, simply copy the downloaded file (with .apk extension) to your phone's memory card. Then use a file-manager on your phone to open and install that file.

There is also another technique to install via USB, but more complicated. In short, you can use the Android SDK to do the job. I can explain in detail if all else fails.

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Another one for your collection :)

Satellite AR Free

Satellite AR - Android app on AppBrain

Ever wondered what satellites are flying above your head when you look up? This app will show them to you using augmented reality. Point your phone's camera to the sky, and small icons track the locations of various satellites. Those in sunlight are colored yellow to help you look for them on a clear night.

Recent changes:


* Added compass calibration instructions

* Fixed some camera FCs on certain devices

* Updated app requirements for Android Market

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But wait there's more.....:)

Galaxy Wire - Space News Free

Galaxy Wire - Space News - Android app on AppBrain

GALAXY WIRE for Android puts the final frontier at your fingertips!


* Top NASA & ESA Space News

* Daily Space History

* Dedicated Space Shuttle News Channel

* Significant Mission Event Times

* ISS Event Calendar

* Daily Space Images

* NASA Reports

* Video (beta)

* and More

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SightSpaceStation AR $4.20

SightSpaceStation AR - Android app on AppBrain

Intuitive and powerful satellite tracker to view International Space Station(ISS), Space Shuttles and others with your naked eye using Augmented Reality technology.

This simulates a way of satellite on top of reality through the camera and map.

Not only satellites,planets,fixed stars,galaxies,black hole,spacecrafts(Voyager1, Voyager2, New Horizons etc.),tweets and even world cities are shown as if earth was transparent.

Displaying geostationary orbits will also be very helpful when you adjust a parabolic dish antenna.

It connects Twitter too. So you can share excitements of finding satellites and weather conditions with others all over the world.

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Zenith Mobile Telescope $4.10

Zenith Mobile Telescope - Android app on AppBrain

Zenith is a telescope for your Android phone. Explore the night sky by pointing your mobile phone towards sky. Watch hundreds of stars, their constellations, and our solar system's planets. View great images of galaxies and nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Keywords: astronomy, planetarium, planets, stars, wikitude

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Hi badgeranduni!

You are doing a great service, excavating all these apps. ;)

It is possible to create lists on AppBrain and link to them. I have created one and added all the apps mentioned by you.

View the app list on AppBrain

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