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Dehumidifier for Skyshed pod

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Hi peeps, I was in B&Q Warehouse Durham last night, looking for odds and ends for my impending Pod installation and saw three Dehumidifiers on offer.

1. A B&Q 16L dehumidifier, reduced from £142.99 to £99.99

2. An airforce 28L dehumidifier, reduced from £149.99 to £99.99

3. B&Q 10L dehumidifier, reduced from £120-something to £79.99

Obviously as the interior of the pod is fairly bijoux and I don't want huge electric bills (and I'm a bit skint after paying for the pod) I'm inclined to opt for the £79.99 model, but will a 10L model shift enough water?

What do other pod owners use? :D

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I bought a dessicant drier from DIO this week (ELA DD882) and since Tuesday it has drawn "gallons" of water from the house on the day I got it the RH was edging 70% in the three bedrooms they are now down to below 40% ... its been on 12 hours a day at full blast (measure power consumption is 680W)

I have just put it out in the obs to see how it does in there but havent plumbed it in yet as i dont want to risk the outlet pipe freezing...

Looks like I am going to have to buy another one for the house... but i might check out the B&Q ones as it will be running at room temp...


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Forgetting about capacity for a second, there is an important distinction in the types of dehumidifier that are suitable for our purposes. A 'Refrigerant' type is not really suitable because their efficiency drops dramatically with temperature decrease reaching nil effect at 0 degrees centigrade.

A desiccant type will work very well in low temperature conditions (indeed any conditions) so I would advise that you get a desiccant type. Mine is a 10L per day machine and this works really well in my dome.

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You wont be dissapointed... set the humidstat to 60% with low fan speed... watxch you dont kink the pipe where it attaches to the adaptor... if you do it will probably block the flow and then the unit will fill the internal tank and stop when its full...

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