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How much better is a Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX FlexTube GOTO Vs Celestron C6 NGT

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I am seriously considering getting the Skywatcher scope as to me it the best of both worlds for aperature size/weight and GOTO

I eventually got the hang of Celestron C6 with its Polar Alignment but did notice even after proper collimination the only good views I had were of the moon and Jupiter/Saturn.

Even with a proper alignment I found myself unable to see any things like galaxys or nebulas, (Andromeda was just a smudge :D I'm wondering if it was because its a 6" or because of light pollution (always used a backgarden for viewing)

I've previously had a 10" Dob and found it a lovely scope just far too heavy and the Skywatcher seems to have fixed this, and I did note at the time I found it hard to find Deep Sky Objects. I'm now a bit better at navigating the night.

Think its worth going for the Skywatcher as at the moment I dont feel that I'm likely too any Deep Sky Objects with my present scope/location.


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A 10" captures a lot more light than a 6" so it's much more adept at DSO's of course. Most are still smudges but larger smudges and, from a dark site, with good transparency, you can make out a bit more structure in some objects. Globular clusters will really benefit from the extra aperture as well.

6" to 10" is a really worthwhile upgrade I think.

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