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DSLR cyclic timer


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Hi Phil,

Would this project work with my Nikon 990 camera? It has the option of being controlled by remote control [via cable] and I believe has a bulb setting accessable via the remote.

I know you may not know the spec details of said camera, but would your remote work 'in principle' with the 990?


P.S. I knew saving this thread would come in handy one day :)

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In theory, yes it should work

The output of the timer is a pair of relay contacts so there is

no power on them to cause damage.

All it does is close the contacts, one of which is the negative rail of the device.

Do you have any info on the lead that fits the 990?

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Hi Phil,

Been surfing and eventually found a decent pic of the plug end of the remote [MC-EU1]..... :)

It's the mini USB type plug. I've read a tutorial, last year, on making a USB to USB/serial cable and I think it said you can't buy the camera USB plug end as Nikon kindly had it moulded with a semi-circle onto one side of the it. :D The cable was spliced to accept the alternative USB instead or along side the serial plug.

Back to square one.

P.S. This not having any money lark is no fun :)

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Cool! Mine needs a new radiator temperature sensor fitted - when can you fit me in?


For the cooling fan, gauge or EFI Arthur?

Captain Chaos

Ah! EFI would have to be Negative Temperature Coefficient. Just thought I would dive in too.
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