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Celestron Ultima LX and William Optic 2" Dia

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New to this. I have a CPC 9.25 and I am thinking of buying a WO 2" diagonal as you can use both 1.25 and 2" eyepieces. Question is will the 13mm Celestron Ultima LX fit on the diagonal? It has an inner tube the 1.25 and an outer tube with a space in between. Any one know if it will fit?



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Hi Andy Awarm welcome to the forum

I have a Meade 8" ACF Telescope SCT and I changed mine to a Reverlation 2"diagonal

that takes 1.25 and 2" it came with a adapter, so yes it will let you use 1.25 and 2" love the choice of scope there Andy will serve you well,


make sure you buy one the fits a SCT scope ask the shop by phone

clear skies



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Thanks for the advice. So far I have only set the scope up once and found Jupiter - a really lovely sight.

I am putting together an eyepiece collection having bought a Celestron omni 40mm from FLO, a Celestron 24-8mm zoom from what now looks like a defunct Trendydigital site (luckily they sent the item before vanishing, I thought it was a UK site) and the Celestron Ultima lx 13mm from Ebay. I would like something along the 6mm - 4mm as a high power option. May be another Ultima. I think the diagonal above is the best bet if it works with the Ultima.

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A 4 mm is useless in my C8, so should be even more useless in the C9.25. My max usable magnification is with my Radian 8mm which gives me 250x magnification, or at a stretch 288x with the 14mm Meade and 2x TeleXtender I have. Getting a specialist 7 or 8 mm would be better than using a zoom at 8mm, and give much better views than a 4mm (6 is pushing it, but might be OK). The Vixen NLVs have a good rep and do not cost the earth.

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