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Baader vario finder as a guider, anyone using one?


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Hi is anyone using a Baader Vario Finder as a guider scope with a camera such as the QHY5?

Baader Astronomy Products | vario finder 10x60

I have just seen this finder scope discussed in another thread and it looks quite useful.

My thought is it could be mounted in the normal finder scope mount on a Skywatcher ED80. This should reduce the weight of the ST80 I am currently using and ease the balance of the setup on the HEQ5.

Does anyone have any experience on this or thoughts on how workable this is as a solution. Are there any back focus issues that could cause focus issue with the guide cam?



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Hi David,

I know this is a bit of a belated reply, but I'm about to put this to the test in place of my usual finder scope on my Celestron C6-SGT XLT. Baader suggest it can be used with a dslr on a T2 adapter, so I don't imagine a QHY5 will be a problem... fov is likely to be pretty wide with one of those as it's a 61mm x 250mm F4. I've seen an LVI Smartguider on one, via a 40mm extension tube, so possible that is the way to go with a QHY5 too.

My only concern is rigidity... alignment is taken care of by Baader's QR IV bracket, but whether or not that bracket will prove rigid enough, only time and testing will tell. If not, the Baader Stronghold Tangent Assembly will surely do the job, but I'll need a rail to be added to the top of my tube - and a lot more money!

Anyway, I'm just waiting for FLO to get me the items and a review will follow in due course.


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Quick follow-up to my previous post... I tried the Vario Finder on Baader's QR1V bracket. The bracket was nicely engineered, but the scope was way overpriced for what it is, IMO.

The main reason for coming to this conclusion is the drawtube. The finder relies on a drawtube to bring it to focus. It is a very sloppy fit in the barrel and doesn't inspire confidence. In addition, the means of securing the drawtube position is a single, tiny non-captive thumbscrew. In practice, this is going to be very hard to use with cold hands whilst out observing... but that won't even matter once the thing's fallen out onto the ground and got lost forever.

Within 48 hours, the kit was on it's way back due to being overpriced and underbuilt. The fact that Baader market this as a finder, guidescope and spotting scope is stretching it more than a bit. Maybe with other expensive accessories, taking the cost to perhaps £350-£400 it might achieve all the stated used... but only in a kind of "Heath Robinson" way.

As I read what I'm writing, it's starting to sound a bit harsh... and I wish I could find something positive to say about it but at the price it is, I really don't rate it at all.

The mount, when bought with the Vario Guider is costed at £39.00. But if you want it on it's own, that'll be £75.00 thank you... At £39.00, I'd be happy with the mount. It would compare favourably with the c.£50.00 Losmandy equivalent. At £75.00, no thanks.

The search goes on for me.


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Have you considered something like this? Lightweight and at £149.00 it's a pretty good buy considering it has a 2" crayford.

Opticstar AR80S Gold


Or they do some others that might be suitable.



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