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dob secondary help

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A dew shield - either make one from a camping mat or buy one. Usually a dewshield will work and will also help with reducing stray light.

I have a 12v hairdryer as a back up but my experience to date has been if the secondary dews with the dewshield then the primary will be in trouble as well very quickly. You could heat the primary as well but the two times the dews been that bad EVERTHING was getting soaked instantly, eyepieces, the finder, me :)

Water was running off the scope like it was under a tap.

A normal dewshield should be enough for most conditions though.

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you can use a dew strap but a dew shield will work well - easier and cheaper to try first. also, I have found leaving the focuser empty causes problems so always leave in the plug when not in use and obviously point the scope away from directly at the sky.

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thanks for the advice guys ive got a shroud sorted ive tryed a dew sheild today though its a bit floppy and not holding well on the scope if i use a dew strip can it be run off a small battary i want to get a fue fans on the primary aswell that need power any advice on this

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