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Hi All...Newbie In Milton Keynes


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Hi everyone, just thought I'd take the time to introduce myself...

Newbie living in Milton Keynes. Had the 'bug' for stargazing for a long time (I'm 29) and can remember going out with my Grandad as he tought me constellations and planetary locations, coupled with a bit of viewing through binos. I can distinctly remember being told planet locations but being 10 years old and having the bins wobble all over the sky, seeing nothing but pretending I could see what I was being shown.

We recently inherited my girlfriend's father's birding scope, and it sparked my interest again.

So I've had a look at the moon, and fired Jupiter up in the 'scope. It's a Leicia 77 and has a 20x-60x eyepiece with it. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was look at Jupiter as I'd heard you could see it clearly through a telescope. My Grandad and I went to a starparty one night and I tried to convince a grumpy old man to adjust his scope for me to see - but he wouldn't. Whatever was there was more important apparently. Hey...I was 10 years old, I wanna see Jupiter Goddammit!

So, you can imagine my delight (I did a girly scream) when I found it, by accident (it was the brightest star I could see). Saw 4 moons clearly and could make out the planet clearly - if not very big in the scope. Happy days.

Been out again tonight, and caught Jupiter before it set briefly and spent some more time looking at the moon in between the cloud. Thought I'd have a go at a DSO in Orion's belt, but I don't think the scope is up to it light capturing wise. Hopped from Betelgeuse to Alnitak in the hope of seeing a smudge of the Horsehead Nebula. No joy - not sure if it's the scope, or the full moon, then tried to see if I could get M43, and I think I did - if very VERY faint but then the clouds rolled in in earnist so I called it a night.

Anyway...my name is Adie (you probably gathered that) and hello to you all!

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Hello there and welcome ( from one 'newbie' to another)!

I used to live in MK, near willen lake and I can remember it usually had great skies - not too much light pollution! But that was quite a while ago so maybe different now?!

Love the story, shame about the 'grump', but atleast it didn't put you off!!

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Hi all, thanks for your welcomes. Yeah, he was a grump - but I've forgiven him after 19 years :)

I've not long moved here, bought a house in July so relitavely new. Any tips for good spots are appreciated. Had a drive around with my GF to see the Perseids meteor shower on the outskirts of Buckingham.

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Hi Adie, a warm welcome to the SGL forum, you are obviously enjoying your Astronomy with a small scope and binos, if you have not already download the free program Stellarium, this will help to find your way about the night sky, not seen it myself, but I have heard it said the Horsehead Nebular is at the best of times a difficult target and does require a scope with good aperture, special filters, good seeing and a dark sky, and certainly beyond the equipment you have at present. a copy of Turn Left at Orion would also be of help to you.


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