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Baader hyperion

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I recieved my 13mm, 21mm and 8mm baader hyperions today, their really clear but when i use the fine tuning rings on the 8mm eyepiece, jupiter becomes slightly blurred! maybe 8mm with both tuning rings is too much magnification for my 200p,

even with the 8mm Jupiter is around the size of

this >>> O <<< in my scope maybee a little bit bigger, is this about right?

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Jupiter is past it's best at the moment, plus the seeing tonight is not so good. Don't forget increases in magnification of the object also magnify the atmospheric conditions.

It's also worth checking you are well collimated and the scope is properly cooled down. If you don't have it - let me know and I'll get you a table of the magnifications with the FTR's :)

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Well according to my chart with both of the FTRs in place the Baader Hyperion 8mm will generate an EP quivalent of 4.3mm

A assuming a focal lenth of 1200mm that gives you a magnification of x279. It might just be doable with decenet sky conditions but very ofetn in the UK its tough to get over x235 and often a fair bit below that.

I'd think Jupiter should be a bit bigger at around that level of magnification.

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thanks lads, I don't have a chart at the moment so any info would be much appreciated, so my 1200mm with an 8mm eyepiece would give me x (what) exactly? x180


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