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going to buy a new skyliner 250 goto scope


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hi all

I'm a fresh newbie to the world of serious telescopes. I have a wee ETX 90 which is great but planets and moon then its game over pretty much.

I had a Tasco refractor in my youth with some better than average Ep's. Where I lived, people used to come around to look at the planets etc.

I have been checking the reviews and specs on thisc scope and it looks a good job. I have been checking prices and found a site:

eurocosm.com which has it listed a bit cheaper.

I also found it listed on several other rather random sounding web sites which seem to run from the same company::)



I was wondering if anyome had ordered from these guys before and if they were legitimate

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great advice. From more research I think the company are legit ok but they may only be shiipers and have no experience if there is an issue with the scope, so I emailed FLO. As im in N Ireland, I'm after a keen shipping price. Thanks

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I have to say I'd run a mile from either of those two companies.

I bought one of my scopes from a shop that also sells nautical antiques, bric-a-brac, bird tables etc etc It was £10 cheaper from them.

By the end of what turned into a long sorry saga I would happily have paid an extra £100 to a decent dealer who could get me the scope delivered in working order.

Never again - these days I stick with dealers who actually know what they are talking about.

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Astro_baby I think that may be the same company. I noticed yet another site they have selling table tennis stuff. I mean they can't possible provide quality service and backup for such a wide range of totally unconnected goods. They probably just treat all their goods as a big boxes. If the stuff inside is broken/not working then tuff.

Yes I really think I will go with the FLO as they have given a decent shipping price to me, plus the quality of service really matters.

Space cowboy, just wondering how you find the dob? still deciding if I should get the 250(10") or the 300 (12")

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