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First DSO with new gear


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this is the first go with my new mount (Thanks Steve!!)

first time outside with it, but the quality and ease of use shine through and i know i'm going to be very happy with this when i've had time to work it out and maybe RTFM :insects1:

ok this is in loads of ways like my first image, its's the first dso with a dslr that is visible and not streaky, first with a eq mount, and for the first time it was fun and easy (i know to get better images there is more time to spend)

so thank you steve and thank you philip for stearing me away from the funky and exciting scopes with cool pictures on the boxes but are a hell of a pain to use :lol:


5 x 25 sec stacked and probably messed with too much and maybe too much port to keep me warm :)

will post a few questions about the moount in the equipment bit

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Well that is very impressive Richard. Colour looks good. Tracking and focus clearly spot on. What iso setting were you using? With 25 sec subs I think there is probably more nebulosity lurking in there. Does your image processing software allow you to use curves and levels? I would be interested in having a look at the original subs if you want to email them over.

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