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Dovetail bar to fit Meade LXD55 ( LXD75) mount.


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Hi. Can anyone point me in the direction of a dovetail bar to fit my LXD55 mount. Currently have my ED100 fitting to the mount with its clamshell. Fits fine. Bit of a pain tho as OTA can be upsidedown :-( .

Will a standard Skywatcher dovetail bar fit the LXD55 ??

Already decided to buy Skywatcher tube rings.

Thx in adavnce John

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Hi . Didnt explain fully. When using the Meade goto on the mount, and I have done star aligning, the focuser usually ends up "wrong side up" and its a pain to re set with the clamshell. New rings and a dovetail shud sort this so i can rotate the OTA with little trouble - I hope. Thx John

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I found the clamshell on my SV80 easier to use than tube rings. I only have to loosen one screw to rotate the OTA, rather than 2 screws if I use tube rings. Obviously not all clamshells or tube rings are created equal and I don't know what type of clamshell you have.

If you don't mind the focuser being in a slightly awkward position, rotating the diagonal will be the easiest option. Personally, I like having the 10:1 reduction *** on my right hand side.

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No guys. You didnt miss anything. My worry is if I just move the diagonal around, which I have done, when i select my next object and the mount sets off on its goto mission, I have visions of my finderscope hittin the mount. Not good.

Guess I could remove the finder once the I've done my alignment stars. DOH !!

Just trying to look after the my kit thats all.


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