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Ic 2118 : The Witch Head Nebula (lrgb)

Aggelos Kechagias

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Hello there folks.

This is my latest work on a very difficult target.

Take a look here http://www.astrovox.gr/forum/album_pic.php?pic_id=12077

Thanks for looking :)


Locations : Corinth - Greece & Parnon mountain

Telescopes : astro-tech 65ed quadruplet for RGB + William Optics ed72 for Luminance

Ccd : QHY 9

Mount : ASA DDM60

Guiding : unguided

Field flattener : -

Gain/Offset : 30% - 106

Temp : -25

Exposures : RGB bin 2x2 10x300sec Luminance bin 2x2 17x600 &

bin 1x1 4x600

Calibration files : Darks - Bias - Flats - Dark Flats .

Applications : Nebulosity - Photoshop - Maxim - Pixinsight - Cartes du ciel - Autoslew.


Edited by Aggelos Kechagias
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It really doesn't get much better than this!

Lots of good signal, perfect contrast, wonderful tight colorful stars - great.

I'd recommend a little less noise reduction (just a LITTLE less) and a little more brightness in the shadows. IMHO this will turn this image from an A+ to an A++.

Very pleasing result!



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Just to add to the praise, lovely detail.

Please can you make sure to post a smaller version as a preview here on SGL? That way we can include a link to any images and a thumbnail that we think are worth mentioning as part of our Picture of the Week threads.

Thanks for sharing with us :D


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