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Hello one and all....


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Hi all,

I'm Tony from the Dudley / Wolverahmpton area..... I'm hoping to re ignite my intrest in those bright twinkly things in the sky.... I actually used to have a telescope when I was about 12 or 13... I badgered my parents for it for months until they finally caved in a bought me one of those old 'Tasco' ones from Argos.. Cheap and cheerful, but it did the job for the average 12 year old.

I remember being open mouthed at the views of the moon and also finding those four little dots sitting next to Jupiter... I also managed to find Saturn once after I read something in the local paper about it being next to Jupiter in he night sky making it nice and easy for me to find....lol. So that's about the extent of my knowledge.

I never really learnt the constellations properly. I can only pick out the really obvious ones such as the Plough, Cassiopeia and Orion.

The old scope has long since gone unfortunately, donated to a family friend who completely wrecked it by all accounts. It's my own fault though. I eventually got sick of looking at the same old things and I was at the age when my attentions were easily swayed by girls and football..... I'm still intrested in those things (don't tell the wife), but am now able to appreciate that you have to put a a fair bit of time and effort into something like this to get something out of it. So I'm going to do it a bit of reading up before I take the plunge with a new scope.

Anyway, I have already had a quick browse through the forum andalready come across some useful advice and stunning photo's and you all seem like a friendly bunch. So I'm looking forward to being a regular visitor in the coming months / years.

Bye for now.

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Hi Tony and welcome to the forum.

It certainly pays to do some reading up as there is a lot of kit to choose from. Please try to nclude in your research any opportunity you can to actually look through some of this geaar in order to judge whether what you see will meet your expectations. Many local astro clubs and groups have public observations at this time of year (weather permitting!) so google them and get along - you won't be disappointed. Also a chance to look at this kit up close as some of it isn't small.

Clear skies soon


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Hi Tony

A very warm welcome to the SGL , by getting it right now you will save money in the future when I first started to look for a scope I went a Astronomy club and because of light pollusion it would be best if the scope was 200mm aperture and IMHO they were right and it has save me selling my scope and having to get a bigger one also are you going to do Astrophotography if so you dont want a dob scope

keep asking questions clear skies



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