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Revelation dual speed focuser focusing

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Just fitted my new focuser and now im struggling to get focus!!!!

I have a celestron 1.25" eyepiece that has no magnification which i use as an extender that will bring it into focus but if i use the t thread on the end of it with my dslr attached to it i cant focus :D

the 2"eyepieces wont focus at all, i can almost get focus with the dslr but it needs to be a few more millimeters closer.

the controlof the focuser is sooooomuch better though, very smooth :)

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Your the second one I have found tonight who has fitted a Revelation focuser to a Synta OTA. Did you use a different back plate? The hole in my OTA is too big for standard plate to cover.


EDIT: Nevemind SJ I have just seen your wanted add. :)

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When fitting a new focuser to a newtonian you need to get the low profile focuser which should give enough inward travel to reach focus for the camera. Downside is for ep's you will need to use extension tubes.

If your orignal focuser had a plastic shroud or backplate try leaving that off so the focuser sits closer to the tube. I had problems with my LXD75 10"SNT and all I had to do was remove the plastic base around the focuser.

If this is not your problem then the only real alternative is to move the primary mirror up the tube, warning not for the faint hearted!!!

Also when fitting a new focuser don't forget to check your collimation and mirror alignment.

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