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cooling down of Meade ETX90

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hi.....(newbie question comming up:iamwithstupid:)

Just a quick question,is it ok the pack my scope away straight after a session (ie) into a foam lined hard case.bit worried about condensation build up.........am i right to be concerned about this or just being over cautious....

cheers Lounger's:D

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I tend to leave mine out indoors with the dew shield extended, without the screwcap cover. I then place a clean towel over it to keep the dust away and pack it away in the morning. Layers of dew, frost etc is fine are long as it is allowed to escape at some stage.

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Try placing the case into a large plastic bag while you're still outside. The bag will prevent the house's warm moist air from touching it and condensing. Things will be room temperature by the next morning, and the scope will be safe to remove from the case.

I've been using this method for over 10 years on my scopes, and they don't have cases... i simply put the scope into the bag, close it tightly and bring it into the house. Plastic bags work great on eyepiece cases too, and anything else you'd like.

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If the forecast for the next few nights looks ok, I leave my ext125 on the tripod and just move it into the garage with a loose cover draped over it to keep the dust off. The garage is unheated so the scope is already cooled down for the next session. Otherwise I bring it indoors and leave the covers off overnight.

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