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Hi all,

My free trial on Photoshop CS5 is about to run out:(

Not only that, but I can't justify the price to the wife!

I tried Corel's PhotoPro X3, but apparently PS Elements doesn't have a curves feature?

Which is the best (value) processing software available for under £100?

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Paintshop Pro Photo X3 (£80) has more features than PS Essentials. It looks like it now supports 16 bit images?

Photo Editing Software ? Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate

At this question somebody usually suggests The Gimp (free) but I personally can't get past the strange scattering of windows

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Have you tried GIMP?

Or if you've got a tame student- and you can stretch to it - Software 4 Students do CS5 for about £165...or if you're only doing astro work - Pixinsight for a little bit more (no student needed).

I've used Software 4 Students and they're legit.

Hope this helps


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Thanks guys,

I'll have a look at the trial for PSE9 then, I didn't try it before because Expert Reviews said it didn't have curves adjustment!

PhotoPro X3 I'm sure does have 16-bit support, and certainly opening RAW files was fine but it kept making me downgrade the file type to 8-bit.

I'll have a look at pixinsight too, a lot of people seem to use it.

Thanks again


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If you are using it soley for astro use, I am really getting very impressed with PixInsight. I have used CS3 and PSE8 for processing, but I am finding that the results far outweigh anything that adobe have for me at the moment. That said, if you also want it for normal photography, I find that you can't go far wrong with Elements these days.

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Its well worth persuing the "student" route. Do you have a student (any age - even school age) or a member of staff in an educational establishment in the family? If so then PS5 extended is £165 and not over £750!! Well worth it. Amazon sell it but you must search for "student and teacher edition" or it doesn't show up!

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Looks like It'll be a while before I'll have to fork out then! I think I have to give the pse9 trial a go (as it was be handy to have for regular photos) but if theres a trial for pixinsight, I'll look at that too, a lot of people like it.

As good as it might be, even at S+T prices, we've our first little'un on the way and I won't get away with £165 on software, she had a fit when i told her the price of the OTA!

Thanks all

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