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Manchester newbie


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Hi guys,

I'll try and keep this short and sweet as i can blab on a bit :o

I'm 21 from Manchester. I got my first telescope when i was 11 and haven't really used it till the last month or two.

I've always been into astronomy. I just never really knew what to do with the telescope. Now i feel I'm ready and I'm starting to pick it up.

My telescope isn't the best from what I've read on the net but I've also read it can be good with the right eye piece (god knows which one, hoping to learn though).

It is a Tasco 302012:


(not my picture)

I thought I was doing good last night looking at the moon till i saw this pic and noticed the weight at the bottom, i had it at the side :)

My reason for getting it out last night... I noticed on my iPhone app (pUniverse) that Uranus and Jupiter was close together but i my little spotting scope wont line up so i found it hard to find even jupiter. I'm awaiting for a family member to fix the mount then I can get going again.

Anyway, that's enough for now, but, a pic i took (nothing to what you guys take though). This is taken with the above scope and my iPhone, It's my favorite place on the moon, so smooth with the odd crater/dome (i don't know :D ). I can't wait to get pics like some of the people on here. This pic doesn't do the telescope justice, it's so much clearer than that but i had the shakes and the phone couldn't focus.


Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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I'll look into joining then!

Not sure if I'll be club material, i can't make plans more than a week ahead but I'll do my best. Be good to meet some people more in the know than me. I don't know anybody else into astronomy aside from my dad (he knows as much as i do).

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Hi Beano and welcome to the forum.

Before considering participating in the 'dark side' (astrophotography) may I suggest you get hold of a copy of Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" (FLO £19.95) It is possible to point a camera through a scope and snap a picture but good images don't come cheap and require the right set up, lots of processing and plenty of time to capture the data in the first place. Many people start by taking wide field images of the night sky (camera & tripod) or even video of the moon and very quickly want to progress into deep sky imaging, which is a whole different ball game in the kit needed and what you need to know. Hence my recommendation of this book which will afford you a complete overview so that you know where to pitch your expectations.

Clear skies in the meantime


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Hi Beano

Welcome aboard.

Phone cameras aren't the best to get easy results. A cheap digital compact would ease your passage to the dark side as will Steve's book as already mentioned.

Just stick at it and above all have fun.


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