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Yes, I know it's a bit late in the day for this - just getting around to processing some data from last year (it was a busy one as some of you will know..... as I now have my "Ball-and-Chain" attached!:o )

I'll be honest to.... that without the scopebuggy, it was a massive undertaking to set everything up each time I wanted to image and with a 2hr commute to work, only something that could be done at a weekend - somewhat limits photography time!!!!

Secondly, I do like the visual side to this great hobby (and doing so with a good friend - imaging is such a solitary affair), and I'm fortunate enough to have a great 'grab-and-go' TSA and Ethos to go with it + my mate's 12 and 16" Meade Lightbridges..... you can't beat the excitement of actually (finding!) and looking at some of the faint stuff can you!?

This is just 11 x 600sec exposures (Dark and Flat/Bias frames) and I'd love to try and add more to this later in the year to get it smoother and deeper (with perhaps a hint of outer halo????....

I have clipped the black point (on my 'home' version), and was not going to upload as I was just comparing to Ollie's from last year.... but on uploading it appears MUCH lighter :) ???? so doesn't look as bad!

Any tips on why this should be so (yes, the monitor is calibrated with a spider - but for print press settings for work...)


Tak FSQ106-ED with Focal Extender - so at f8.... slowwww:(

SBIG 4000XCM - OSC self guiding @ -20c

IDAS filter

Tak EM400 mount (pre-scopebuggied!)

Control via my old 17" G4 Apple Powerbook running MicroProcects Equinox 6 and Image.

Pre-processed, aligned and stacked in Nebulosity2.

Post Processing in PhotoShop CS3 + Noel's Actions and RC's GradientXT

Must be about a 15% crop from original just to centre.....

Comments and advice welcome!

Will try 'yet another' re-process! :D

Thanks for looking....



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