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hi there, i have just bought a skywatcher 150pl telescope on an eq3-2 equatorial mount and i am trying to get my head round ra and dec setting circle settings. i dont think the dec circle is allighned properly could someone please tell me if the 0 on the dec circle should be allighned to the dead centre of the mount. it is out by about 5 degrees, any help would be greatly appreciated


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The general felling on setting circles is that are normally to small to be of any use or accurate and are there for decoration more than anything else. Suggest you buy a good skymap download Stellirium and maybe get a copy of Turn right at orion. With our weather patterns that should keep you busy for the next year or so :) Happy Hunting

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Just a quick note, that "Turn 'left' At Orion" is bringing out a revised edition this spring. The tables in the current issue are now coming to an end and are only valid up to and including this year. The book isn't cheap and thought that you might want better value for money by ordering a more up to date version. :)

The setting circles are way to small to convey any accuracy and are of little use as a consequence. I believe they are included to give any mount the impression of being a bit more scientific or technical.


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