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Guys n Gals

I'm hoping you can guide me me in the right direction i want to get into astro imaging sooner rather than than later , i'm on a tightish budget and dont know what to buy next to aid me .

I have got a SW explorer 150p with standard ep's (no goto) , Nikon D5000 with adapter.

Do i get a webcam (sps900/880) ?

or an RA / dual drive ?

I know i need the some way to track objects to do most astro apart from the moon.

I do plan on eventually getting the goto system But i dont know how long that will take

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From my limited experience, I would say that until you have some form of RA drive, you are always going to be extremely limited, so this would be my first choice. Let the webcam come later. Webcams have narrower fields of view and so some form of drive becomes even more important.

However, you don't say what your current mount is ... and the quality of the mount you have may be the limiting factor for astropics ... the general wisdom seems to be you require at least an HEQ5/EQ6 for serious astrophotography, so your best bet may be to save up and invest in one of these rather than put money into a motor for a lesser mount if that is what you have.

My 2p ...

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