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heq 5 pro

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A Google seems to give your OTA weight at between 10 and 12.3Kg. Add a couple for camera and other bits and you'd soon be up to 15Kg.

My 200P Explorer and associated bits add up to about that and my HEQ5 Synscan 'handles' it but there is a rule of thumb often mentioned that for imaging don't exceed 50 to 75% of your mount limit.

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The EQ6 is the minimum recommendation for the MN 190 from SW themselves. Although the OTA is only 10 Kg (without cameras, guidescope etc) the combination of this astrograph and mount makes for a very sturdy and stable platform for astrophotography.


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The sheer size (length) of the MN190 would make it too much of a lever in the wind on a HEQ5. Short heavy tubes work ok, I have used a C9.25 on mine, but the MN190 stays firmly on the EQ6 :)

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