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Praying for cloudy weather!!!! ?


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So, I'm off work with flu, I am bored out of my tiny mind. I decide to see what I can see from my window. All went well, until I decided to pack everything away when I dropped the EP I was using, it's only a Skywatcher 10mm Super, however it is now chipped and looks foggy when I look through it and I don't get paid for another two weeks.

Ahh well. At least I have an excuse to buy a decent eyepiece or two, and now I have a 1.25" lens barrel for my bits-box.




on a related note can anyone recommend a decent 10mm EP with fairly long eye relief (I want to show my mum stuff through my scope and she has glasses) for around £100

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First off what other EPs do you have? (Just wondering if a direct replacement of the 10mm is the best option whilst you've got the chance to re-think your collection).

At least it wasn't an expensive EP. It's always better to learn how easy they are to drop with a cheap one. I bought a brand new Meade Series 4000 32m Plossl and it fell out of the focuser when I meridian flipped on the 1st night out and took a big chunk out of the side of the lens. Not the most expensive of lenses but my 1st lens apart from the ones that cam with the scope and my astro budget was very limited so I was gutted.

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The BST Explorer (paradigm) eyepieces and TMB planetaries are generally well regarded and can be picked up for £38 each on ebay (I think you have to wait until feb for the seller to come back though)

Long eye relief and a wide view - I'm not sure of the explorer range's focal lengths, but you should be able to get a 10mm TMB.

You may want to get a couple of different focal lengths though...

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I have one other eyepiece, a Super 25 and a 2x Barlow, I am still on the kit I got with my Skywatcher 150p. Though because of the ease of transport I am using my Megrez 72. I am unsure as to where to start with eyepieces and I figured a drop in upgrade was my best bet as I quite liked the way things looked through that one.


do you have any personal experience of the BST Explorer EPs?

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Have a look at these for starters :icon_eek:

http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/121633-bst-explorer-dual-ed.html - Trevor's review


I don't have experience of these - I was about to jump on one when a second hand hyperion came up at my local store for only slightly more, so I went for that.

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