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Hello Stargazers


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Hi there everyone,

Can't wait to get to grips with this forum.. I'm almost as new to forums as I am to my new Christmas present! A Skywatcher 1145p... Don't worry my scope is not just for Christmas!

I have been meaning to buy a scope for years and years and I was sooooo chuffed to get the gift from my girlfriend recently. It looks like she has done some good research as the reviews for my scope seem to be pretty good. Gotta say though it's been a real challenge to even start to understand how the scope and the EQ1 mount and settings work... and that's just the equipment - what about the stars and everything else that's up there?

I have started my book collection and my internet favorite list is rapidly being filled with new interesting sites. I have already viewed Jupiter and the Galilean moons, our moon, Pleiades and can't wait for the next clear skies.

Really looking forward to communicating with some of you soon. I have already picked up tips on polar alignment, new lenses, red torches, and lots of other things from this site. Gotta work out how to put my equipment on the foot of my posts next :icon_eek:

Chat soon... Pat Bloke (extreme amateur)

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Hi Pat and welcome to the forum.

Well one thing not on your list and that is to Google STELLARIUM. It is a FREE planetarium type program that will show you what's in the sky, when and in what direction etc. You can use it to rehearse your evenings observing session by planning where it all is and will help you learn the sky very quickly. Nearly everyone uses it and has lots of other features to play with - will certainly keep you entertained when the clouds come in!

Clear skies in the meantime


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Wow, thanks for the welcome messages everyone :)...

As I said I rarely use forums but that welcome will certainly encourage me to post away!

JBM1165 I have downloaded 'Stellarium' and have been navigating my way around the skies... it's amazing! Love it when you zoom in on what you find, it's superb.

Brantuk Thanks - watch my sig develope over the weekend!

Gottzi snap! have you looked into getting some new lenses or these filter things yet? I have not visited and 'nebulas' yet and wonder if you actually get to see the colours... or is my scope not powerful enough? Chat soon, keep me posted on your progress.

Everyone else thanks again great coming home from work to all these replies...

Oh and 'Clear Skies' to you all!

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