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Budget Wide Lens

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From my own personal experience I dont think that wide field is an area that you can budget on. Your best off spending a bit more money to get the view you want.

That probably doesnt help.

Shanes suggestion is a sensible one. You may only get a 50 degree FoV with the TV plossl but at least it will be sharp to the edge. This is much better than buying a cheap widefield eyepiece with a 70 degree FoV and an outer 50% made up of bird stars.

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Plossls are old designs but very reliable and well made. They provide a decent 50 degree field and work well in most scopes. You might get a used one for about £15 and a new one for about £30-40. Personally, I'd recommend holding out for a used 32mm Televue Plossl as suggested by (Kef9) Gareth. These tend to sell for about £50-60 used and really are excellent.

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For that price (including the postage) you can get a 32mm celestron omni plossl from FLO (25% off by adding 'omni' redemption code http://stargazerslounge.com/sponsor-announcements-offers/121166-celestron-omni-plossl-eyepiece-promotion.html) at about £26 delivered.

I did and am not disappointed (except for the clouds)

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I don't think you'll go far wrong with the Celestron 32mm Plossl. I have one and have been very pleased with the views provided.

The TV 32mm is a very good choice if you can hang on and save up.

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