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Just my luck...


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Right now I got perfect clear skies, very steady stars and a warm 16ºC... I also have a few bugs on a software that need to be addressed tonight, that will take at least 2/3 hours to get fixed and a doctors appointment at 8:00.

Ironic by Alanis Morissette seams a good sound track for tonight. I'll just put it on replay and get to work... :icon_eek:

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Clear evening skies and family (must go) parties are two regular coincidences that science cannot explain!!! Seriously, if my observing history was made into a film you would walk out after 10 minutes shouting, "...rubbish, as if that would ever happen" - but it does.

Pvaz you have my sympathy but don't make it worse by singing along to that song - we know how you sound and you don't want to get local wildlife involved! :icon_eek::D

Clear skies


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I know the feeling. After nearly 20 years married we thought we'd make the effort every Wednesday and have a date night when it's about going for a drink, a meal a film etc. but hobbies are banned. You will note that this is often the clearest night of the week in the Northwest!

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