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Sun 11 Jan 11 in H-alpha


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The clear skies of the recent high pressure system have been taunting me to find a glimpse of the sun through the neighbours hedge. It has been trimmed kindly but not quite enough for any length of viewing. Yesterday offered a VERY quick opportunity to capture something. This is a stack of only 60 frames rather than the usual 100s so quite grainy but pleased to get some detail. The good news is we are on the right side of the solstice for longer days and more solar viewing to come.

Happy New Year!



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That is a fantastic image, and makes me look forward to getting my solar filter!

Now call me crazy if you will, but 60 frames isn't the usual, and you'd normally shoot hundreds?! The sun is insanely bright, now i know a filter cuts out tons of that light, to save your eyes, scope etc

But surely a single frame would capture the sun in all its glory dispite the filter cutting out 99% of its light? *confused*

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Another first rate image Sheri......don't know about longer days where us DSO brigade are coincerned though :icon_eek:

CKemu.....the reason you take lots of frames, especially with solar, lunar, and planetary imaging, is to minimise the effects of atmospheric turbulence.

You then run the images through software that only uses what is consistent in all of the images, and you fiilter out any bad frames.



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Hi Bill,

Awhile back the front blocking filter threads seems to become 'stripped'. Not visually but they were unable to grip the scope tube thus not remain firmly in position and allow the double stack filter to then be attached as well without help via PTFE tape and rubber bands. It appears the threads were not made deep enough to last even a few tightening turns after a few months of use. Hope to see the scope back in a month.....fingers and toes crossed. It will be a LONG month!



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