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Wonderful! Got my scope back, but a few questions!

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My Meade LX90 8" ACF scope is back from repair, and now the DEC motor works! Wahoo!

The bad news, there's a thick grey soup above my head in the form of clouds :icon_eek:

Now I bought myself a few bits and bobs for the scope (this could get disturbingly expensive, but its equally addictive).

I bought the under slung balance rail ofr my scope, as I plan to mount my camera, clayford focuser etc on the back, now the only oddity is, they provide you with 5 thumb screws, the rail and 3 weights.

3 thumbscrews are long, and presumably for the weights, 2 are short and you would presume to attach the weight bar to the scope, however, after removing the central screws attached to the scope, and attempting to place the first short thumbscrew into the scope, the screw is simply too thick to be used. Have I done something wrong, or am I meant to use the screws I originally moved, but if that's the case, why provide me with the short screws to start with!

Second issue, and probably me just being stupid! I bought a power pack for my mount, and have the appropriate cable (one end for mount, the other looks like it would fit in a car lighter socket).

My power pack has two sockets though, with the following centrally placed underneath:

(-) - C. - (+)

12V / 10A Output

(C. is actually a C shape with a large circle in its centre)

Which one do I plug it in to!

Thanks for all the help, eventually I'll get round to simply discussing the joys of the night sky!

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Hi CKemu, dont know about the Meade but I can tell you its ok to plug the cig lighter end into either socket, it has two so you can plug in additional equipment such as dew heater controllers.


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