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This is one i done to show Moon dog how sensitive the Atik 16Hr is , this is only 3 subs of 45 secs, of course there was a lot of noise with few subs and not a huge amount of data , but what i used was the HA filter , scope used was the ED80 , the process i used was the combine in Maxim, then as soon as the combine was done i went into the DDP digital process in Maxim, this brings out whatever hidden data there is , once happy with that , i finished it off in Photoshop, the colour was from another image i had , used layers to combine the colour data to the mono image, the result as u can see is not brill but of an acceptable level .

i will hopefully do this more justice when its next clear and can put some reall data into each sub .




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Rog, I'm guessing this is with the focal reducer and binnedx2. The f/r will bring the ED80 down to F5 and binning makes it 4 times as sensitive so like F2.5 (except image scale stays the same). That makes for one sensitive set up. Would be interesting to see what would appear at F7.5 unbinned.

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