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SKYMAX 127 help

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Cannot help and I see no-one else has replied with the dimension but as the rings are from FLO and FLO sell the scope/OTA couldn't you ask them?

Even just requesting a set of tube rings that will fit a Skymax 127 OTA should do it.

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Yeah but I also dont know the circumference unfortunately.

Or didn't rather. Got my father in law to measure the scope back home and it works out as 143, so hopefully the 140 will do if I dont tighten the clamps too much.

Thanks guys

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I found some which are advertised as 145 mm diameter (well known UK supplier). These were a bit small in practice, so I removed the cork padding, polished the inside of the rings to remove the adhesive and put black insulating tape round the inside instead - they are now a perfect fit.

Chris :icon_eek:

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....I can't find the receipt, but I think the 145mm rings came from Pulsar Optical. However, looking at their site, there are only rings in 10mm increments now - maybe there always were! Certainly, mine were too tight as they stood, so I had to remove the soft packing and polish them a little to get them to fit - ie maybe I had the 140mm ones anyway - there's nothing on them to say the dimension.


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Yeah who from mate? Do they still have a DSLR attachment?

Looks like the 140mm is just not gonna work without some handywork, and I aint too gifted in such things.

If you get stuck and can only get the 140mm rings, give me a nod and I'll make you a pair of new pins for it.


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